Most of the aquaculture animals are nocturnal in habit, during the daytime they bury themselves beneath the mud. The abnormal condition of the pond bottom with depleted Oxygen conditions results in restless behaviour in shrimps and fish that forces them to reach the edges of the pond during daytime. Prevalence of such conditions for a longer duration leads to the death of shrimps. Deodorizers and oxygen generators play a major role to protect such condition. Prevalent such conditions, quality and stable planktonic bloom is also very essential.


BLOOMED®: Innovation in plankton development through Excellence

Organic, nutritionally rich primary and secondary micronutrients having the ability for highest dissolved macro molecules which have done several years of research. It is also fortified with specific nutrient for Photo and Zoo plankton enriched with enzyme precursors.

  • Organic, non-toxic, cost effective, eco-Friendly for sustainable and stable plankton bloom
  • Boosts beneficial soil microbe activity, leading to better soil structure, moisture retention and improved water coloration.
  • Active ingredient releases more nutrients for plankton growth.
  • Helps in developing a healthy and stable plankton bloom which will enhance the better survival of the Post Larvae.


DEOMED®: De-gas your ponds – strengthen fish & shrimp health bonds

  • Clears pond bottom
  • Equally effect in wide range of environmental parameters
  • Purifies pond water and deodorises toxic gases like NH3 and H2S
  • Helps to grow planktons and useful microelements for fish and shrimps
  • Increases dissolved oxygen (DO) capacity of pond water
  • Balances the essential oxidized minerals for sustainable growth of shrimps and fishes.
  • Economically viable in regular use

DEOMED 10 KG – Rs.800.00 | DEOMED 25 KG – Rs.1950.00


DULIMAX®: Ensuring optimum nutrient & immune protection in aquaculture pond water management

Yeast is chemo-organotrophs, as they use organic compounds as a source of energy and do not require sunlight to grow.

  • DULIMAX® provides the compounds beta-1,3 glucan, trehalose, mannan and glutathione, which are associated with enhanced immunity, improved cholesterol levels and risk reduction from harmful diseases.
  • It contains dietary fibres for better digestion and the optimum source of folates, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, selenium and zinc, making it a great super food.
  • DULIMAX® is generally recognized as safe (GRAS).
  • DULIMAX® stimulates the immune and antioxidant systems, feed efficiency, gut maturation and finally increase survival rate for better yield of shrimp and fish.


SOFTFIN®: Cares aquatic animals from hardness and iron pyrites

  • SOFTFIN® is a synthetic compound that complexes itself with free calcium in water and withdraws it from solution
  • SOFTFIN® is also capable of chelating with several others elements, including some that may be toxic to Shrimp and Fish
  • Routine use of SOFTFIN® increases both the percentage of eggs that hatch and the survival of larvae in Hatchery and nursery ponds
  • It controls water hardness and balance calcium and magnesium ration in pond waste
  • It can be routinely used in aquaculture as a broad-spectrum “cure-all” in preventing metal toxicity to aquatic organisms


SPAROX®: Boost oxygen: Refresh ponds

  • Supply oxygen in the entire pond water and even in pond bottom.
  • Relieves stress instantly by providing the required dissolved oxygen
  • Prevents the growth of pathogenic micro-organisms and checks secondary infection
  • Ability to release oxygen up to 8 hours
  • Cost-effective, non-toxic and biodegradable


UKADO® : A natural biodegradable ammonia binder

  • Reduce ammonia and H2S gas levels in aquaculture ponds
  • Accelerate the breakdown of organic waste
  • Sarsaponin in UKADO® also act as a natural growth promoter
  • Prevents the growth of pathogenic micro-organisms and checks secondary infection in shrimp and fish intestine
  • Completely unaffected by all antibiotic growth promoters and does not interfere with their use
  • Anti-protozoal and nematocidal activity
  • Enhance the intestinal enzyme system


DEOLITE® Gr : Zeolite & Gas Adsorbents with Highest Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) to Clean Pond Bottom.

DEOLITE GR are hydrated alumina silicate minerals made from interlinked tetrahedral of alumina ore (Al2O3) and silica (SIO2). It is relatively porous non hygroscopic solids with a relatively open, three-dimensional crystal structure built from the elements aluminium, oxygen, and silicon, with alkall or alkaline-Earth metals (such as sodium, potassium, and magnesium) plus water molecules trapped in the gaps between them.

DEOLITE GR is processed so that only refined micro crystalline forms high in Calcium & having tetrahydral structures are sieved out to attain a very high Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) of 400-420 me/100gm.


  • Cleares pond bottom.
  • Purifies pond water & deodorizes toic gases the NH3 and H2S
  • Increases dissolved oxygen capacity of pond water.
  • Balances the essential oxidized minerals for sustainable growth of shrimp and fishes.