Synthetic Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone Analogue


HATCHME®: Safe and easy to Hatch and no stress in pre and past

Farmer has been using pituitary gland for controlled spawning in fishes. However, usage of pituitary gland has its own disadvantages. The probability of success is low because it is practically not possible to maintain uniformity in the product. It is difficult to handle, store and transport, above all, there is uncertainty about the availability. In the other hand, it causes handling and post-breeding stress to the brooders, which may lead to death. FINRAY with state of the art Research and Development Centre, has come up with HATCHME®, a Synthetic Gonadotropin releasing hormone analogue (SGnRH), a product developed through years of research. HATCHME® can be used for induced breeding in carp and catfish.