Careful attention to trace nutrient requirements such as vitamins and minerals can ensure good health and optimum performance. Recent research indicates that with chelated minerals (minerals bound to amino acids and peptides), less interaction between nutrients in the diet occurs and more minerals are absorbed. Therefore, fewer minerals are needed in the diet to effectively provide the amount needed by fish and shrimp.


ADDMINTM: Ability to meet or surpass production goals with the maintenance of osmotic equilibrium

  • Stimulates muscle contraction, cell membrane permeability and hence nutrient uptake
  • Shell formation and Tissue mineralization problems
  • Actively participate in energy and cell metabolism
  • Stimulates muscle contraction and nerve impulses
  • Control mortality found before molting with hard shell
  • Exerts control of nervous system (sodium-potassium pump)
  • Stimulates muscle contraction and helps glycogen and protein synthesis and breakdown of glucose
  • Protect turbid muscle (milky), body cramps and weakness


FINMIN®: Help osmoregulation, balance mineralisation, better adsorption

  • Balance the ration of essential minerals in pond water
  • Regularise the osmoregulation process
  • Maximize production and optimise Food conversion ratio (FCR)
  • Helps to grow planktons and useful microelements for fish and shrimps
  • Regulates pH of pond water
  • Develops immunity to fight against the harmful pathogen of shrimps and fishes


GUTMED®: Attract feed, develop skeleton and prevent loose shell

  • Prevent loose shell, induce molting process and develop endo and exo skeleton
  • Supply essential minerals in optimum proportion
  • Attract shrimps, prawns and fishes to optimise Food conversion ratio (FCR)
  • Develops defence mechanism to fight against the harmful pathogen of shrimps and fishes
  • Helps to develop reproductive growth for brood fishes