FINRAY BIOTECH INC. share an overarching goal of designing the Aquaculture Healthcare, Agriculture Crop Nutrition, Livestock, Pets and Macro Mineral Products those can be eco-labelled as “Sustainable”. Social stability is also important to running a healthy business. FINRAY BIOTECH INC. is planning to take initiatives to reduce the environmental footprint of activities; maintain the natural resource wealth of the nature; sustain economies into the long term; and provide populations with poverty-alleviation opportunities that don’t compromise culture and heritage.

Our Mission

We produce Innovative, Scientific and Environmentally safe products for Sustainable Growth of the targeted species with higher Nutritional value having affordable prices that improve people’s lives and quality that add value to our Clients’ Businesses.

Our Goals

• To respect the environment.
• To remain pioneers in the Animal and Aquaculture sector internationally and to further strengthen our leading position.
• To increase the production of products and introduce new products.
• To establish long-term planning for the benefit of the consumers and our personnel through the setting of a business plan and long-term goals.
• To seek transparency in the structure, operation and production of the company.
• To successfully meet the challenges and demands of the domestic and global market.