Farmer needs a good quality binder which is stable, bio available, attractive enough to the fish, good nutritive value and convenient to handle. Considering such valid needs of the Aqua farmers Finray has come up with a speciality cost-effective Feed Binder, supplements and Specialty products.


EXTRAGEL®: Helps digestion, healthy and bright

  • Organic, water stable and increases the bio availability of the feed supplements
  • ω3 and ω6 fatty acid makes more healthy and better digestion
  • Ability to bind all form of feed supplements, prebiotics and additives
  • Maximize production and optimise Food conversion ratio (FCR)
  • Carotenoids helps to improve better pigmentation and natural colour of fishes and shrimps
  • Prevents wastage of feed supplements / feed.
  • Safe to use and easy to store.


FINOMED®: More than a hepatoprotectant from Finray

  • Hepatopancreas function improvement
  • Animal (Re)-Vitalization
  • Reduce FCR and increase digestibility
  • Reduction of stress and maintains feed intake
  • Reduces mortality for any hepatopancreas related disease and also protect from them
  • Improves response to activity in pond environment


FINRAY® C35: Stay Stable, stay blessed with Finray C35

  • Highly stable, digestible form of vitamin C
  • Strengthens host defence mechanism
  • Facilitates tissue repair and wound healing
  • Increases resistance to infection and fast wound healing
  • Increasing resistance to: Stress, High mortality & Disease


LIMOMAX®: Developed Immunity on pathogens gone

  • LIMOMAX® attach to specific receptor on the surface of phagocytes and lymphocytes. This activates the cell resulting in increased production of enzyme that can destroy pathogenic organisms.
  • Completely organic and herbal, which enhance disease resistance for natural antibiotic activity.
  • LIMOMAX® having a broad spectrum natural antibacterial action with nutritive value for protection against any bacterial infection especially Vibrio.



Shrimp Farms frequently experience White Faecal Matter which results in slow and retarded growth. White Faecal Matter may be due to Vibrio or EHP or combination of both. It is still inconclusive if EHP is a reason for White Faecal Matter. But EHP is ‘associated’ with White Faecal Matter. There is another school of thought on EHP which is due to Microsporidians. White Gut and White Faecal Matter Associated Microsporidians are very common in shrimp farming. Looking holistic on the problem on White Faecal Matter and EHP & search for natural bio molecules which can counter the effect of Vibrio and other microbial infections including fungi) and protozoan parasitic infections has resulted in PARACIDE


GELOMAX®: Helps Palatability, Enhance Bioavailability

  • Considering valid needs of the Aqua farmers FINRAY has come up with a speciality cost-effective binder powder for better feed stability and helps binding all forms of powder feed supplements of shrimps and fish. GELOMAX® is stable, bio available, attractive enough to the shrimps, good nutritive value and convenient to handle.
  • GELOMAX® Enriches with Saccharomyces cervisiae (1×102 cfu / Kg) with single cell protein and binding agent