We understand the increasing importance of bio-security programmes in modern ‘best practice’ farming and are therefore committed to finding ways to help counter the rising threat of bacterial and viral disease. Disease outbreaks increase farm costs, decrease income and have a negative impact on consumer confidence. Choosing right biocide is essential for effective control in any farm bio-security programme.


ALGAFREE® : One stop solution for Zoothamnium and algal attachment

  • One stop solution against fungal pathogens and protozoans and algae attachment
  • Completely cure the shrimps from the infestation caused by Vorticella, Zoothamnium
  • Restrict the mortality of shrimps attributed to anoxia when the infestation became heavy around the gills and cures in the shortest span of time.
  • Reduce insoluble particle and increase dissolve oxygen level
  • Also helps clear moulting for shrimps and works best against Aeromonas infection for Fish and shrimps
  • Control pathogenic microorganism and stabilize the pH and alkalinity level


BROMOSEPT® : No light makes you bright

  • BROMOSEPT® is an effective way to control the pathogenic load.
  • BROMOSEPT® is a nonpoisonous and ecofriendly.
  • BROMOSEPT® relieves from stress and eliminates from tail rot and appendages rot.
  • BROMOSEPT® is effective against filamenteous algae and luminous bacteria.
  • It also helps proper molting


SANOMED® 50: Safe molting inducer and pond water disinfectant

  • Thermal resistance and cost effective
  • Does not cause any stress or damage to the shrimp or environment
  • Does not cause any algal crash
  • Easy to handle and specially designed for shrimp and fish culture ponds

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SANOMED® 80: Strong molting inducer and pond water biocide

  • Destroy the luminescent Vibrios without causing any damage/stress to the shrimp/prawn
  • Effective against external bacterial infections like bacterial gill disease caused by Myxobacteria
  • Eliminates Zoothamnium and induces the molting process
  • Powerful biocide with its detergent action
  • Specially designed for fish and shrimp culture ponds


SANOMED®  – POWDER : Boost your confidence in bio-security and committed to providing the best in disease protection

Sanomed ® Powder is an advanced biocide that reflects our dedication to offering farmers and Aqua farmers the best protection of animals from disease.

  • Destroys bacteria, fungi, viruses in the farm environment
  • Suitable for use in a wide range of applications for all aqua farms,
  • Effective on all surfaces regardless of pH and even in the presence of organic matter
  • Suitable for use with all disinfecting systems
  • Suitable for sanitising water systems
  • Non-tainting, leaves no unsightly residues and Bio-degradable
  • Simple user-friendly formulation, Non-intrusive odour, no impact on shrimps / fish and workers
  • Powder formulation, dissolves rapidly and easy to store with a three-year shelf life


PARACIDE®  – LQ : Innovative and Biodegradable Compound for Argulus Prevention

  • Very effective for the control of Adult and Spore condition of Fish Lice (Argulus) in culture fishes.
  • Effectively controls Argulus by disrupting the life cycle of parasite and reproductive process.
  • Clears reddening or inflammation on the Fish body or fins and raised scales.
  • Cure swelling and open wounds or lesions area of fish.
  • Does not hamper the water quality parameters or pond environment.
  • Does not affect Gill and GI tract of Fish.
  • Treat ulcers and open wounds and rapidly repairs damaged, split or ragged fins and tails.