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In a package, you will get 50 packets of PARACIDE 200G.

Shrimp Farms frequently experience White Faecal Matter which results in slow and retarded growth. White Faecal Matter may be due to Vibrio or EHP or a combination of both. It is still inconclusive if EHP is a reason for White Faecal Matter. But EHP is ‘associated’ with White Faecal Matter. There is another school of thought on EHP which is due to Microsporidians. White Gut and White Faecal Matter Associated Microsporidians are very common in shrimp farming. Looking holistic on the problem on White Faecal Matter and EHP & search for natural bio molecules which can counter the effect of Vibrio and other microbial infections including fungi) and protozoan parasitic infections has resulted in PARACIDE

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